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Planning and building an animal shelter has never been easier.

Save Time. Save Money.
Save Animals.

Shelterplanners is your one-stop resource for animal shelter solutions that are cost-effective, user-tested, planned for growth, and improve the welfare of the animals and the people who care for them.

Here's what some of our clients have to say not only helped us with the sizing, design and construction of our new shelter, they brought to it a style and approach that has promoted an increase in our adoptions by nearly 90% in just the first three months!

The community’s response to our new adoption center has been simply amazing.

Christina Royal, Director
Animal Care & Control
Iredell County, NC worked closely with me and my staff, developing a study that analyzed our situation and accurately predicted the size and scope of our new shelter.

The resulting layout includes everything we wanted to achieve.

The design has given us the exciting vision we needed to launch our capital campaign.

Gina Wiest, Director
Lewis & Clark Humane Society
Helena, MT helped me and my staff communicate our dire need to overcome the poor conditions in the original portion of our shelter. We were losing animals to disease due to the cramped layout and outdated building systems. Their analysis and report will be instrumental in convincing our elected officials of the need to include this important project in a future budget cycle.

Laurie Ringquist, Director
Bloomington Animal Care & Control
Bloomington, IN

We have been delighted with the level of experience has brought to our new shelter project. They clearly understand all of the functions that take place in a shelter to make everything operate smoothly.

Ann Anderson, Executive Director
Rockingham / Harrisonburg SPCA
Harrisonburg, VA