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About Shelterplanners

More than ten years ago we expanded an architectural practice well experienced in medical planning into the planning and design of animal shelters and veterinary clinics. We met some wonderful folks along the way and learned a great deal about the many facets of the animal welfare industry. We began to see that while each shelter project presents its own special requirements there is also a basic consistency in developing the "right" approach to shelter design. We also realized that most of the shelters out there are struggling to operate; let alone find the time and money to build a new facility!

We have planned and designed shelters serving a variety of needs from small counties to large ones, private humane societies to public animal control organizations. We developed a systematic approach that "lowers the entry cost" enabling smaller organizations to get a head start on their dream of building a new, state of the art shelter, without having to invest a fortune at the beginning. Our experience led us to develop shelter models in a range of starting sizes that become simple starting points, at an affordable cost.

We developed a step by step method that can be undertaken gradually. You start by determining the "right" size for your shelter, analyze its functions to be sure you are including the "right" spaces and match it to one of our models - Voilá! - you now have all you need to communicate your dream and raise the necessary funds for its realization - all at an affordable cost!

We are enthusiastic advocates for the sheltered animals we all serve and our mission is to help provide a warm, comfortable, enriching environment for every one of them as they await their long term homes with a loving family.