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Capital Campaigns

If you need to engage in a capital campaign, we can help!

We work with a professional team that specializes exclusively in animal shelter fundraising. They analyze your community’s ability to support the effort, matching the potential for donations with the anticipated scope of your project. This critical step confirms your ability to meet the needs identified in Steps 1 & 2, preventing frustrating, unrealistic expectations of how much your capital campaign will generate. Once your goal is clearly identified, the team develops a fundraising plan and assists with its execution to assure full success.

Sustainability incorporates sustainable, green design features in all of our shelters.  Many are heated and cooled using ground source geothermal systems providing building comfort at nearly 1/2 the cost of conventional systems.  Rainwater harvesting systems lend themselves especially well to shelter design as the gray water collected can be used to wash kennels.  Materials, building systems and features represent a wealth of opportunity to explore sustainable design.

Prototypical Models

No need to reinvent the wheel!  Our models range from 3,000 to 20,000 square feet and can be easily modified to accommodate your specific needs; saving you time and money!  Our models are designed to handle the "right" number of animals at an average length of stay that meets your mission.  Flexibility is the key!

Animal Shelter How-To

With 5 progressive steps, provides a single source solution for the sizing, planning, and design of your animal shelter with assistance available to raise capital; find the right contractor; and institute tried and true sheltering programs that will improve your shelter's outcomes. These are animal shelter solutions that are data-responsive, cost-effective, planned for growth, and designed to improve the welfare of sheltered animals and the people who care for them.

Shelterplanners Step 1


Using your shelter’s statistics collected through our online Statistical Questionnaire , we employ our unique planning matrix calculator to provide you with a data-driven analysis of your needs presented in a concise format. Our analysis illustrates your current situation; proposed sizing based on length of stay calculations and projections for 10 and 20 years into the future. It also matches your experience with rates of adoption; return to owner and euthanasia against national averages and the experience of successful shelters we have designed. Finally, our calculator predicts the necessary square footage along with a cost range projection based on recently constructed shelters.

Shelterplanners Step 2


Building on the “Initial Shelter Sizing”, you can complete our online Programming Questionnaire providing us with critical information relative to your mission and concept. We provide you with recommendations and how to institute tried and true programs that will let you achieve the most positive outcomes possible - reducing relinquishments; increasing adoptions; integrating and cooperating with other animal welfare groups; training and education; approaches to dealing with community (feral) cats and a review of your operation relative to health related protocols developed by the Association of Shelter Veterinarians.

We will develop a complete listing with sizes of individual rooms you will need to properly support the number of animals you will be serving. We include a comprehensive analysis of construction costs with a line item breakdown.

We use the combination of our "Statistcal Questionnaire" and our "Programming Questionnaire" to develop your "Needs Assessment Study" that provides a complete basis for taking the next step in planning your new shelter.

Shelterplanners Step 3


Using 3D computer generated building modeling, we develop your plan and building image based on the work developed in Steps 1 and 2. Our Prototypical Models provide the basis for your layout, with customized modification to reflect the particulars of your situation and proposed building site - quickly, efficiently and at a comfortable cost. Our models range from 3,000 to 20,000 square feet and can be modified to accommodate your specific needs - No need to reinvent the wheel!

Should your shelter demand a unique approach we can develop its design from a clean slate and propose a solution reflecting those special needs. Either way, STEP 3 gives you the building plan and architectural images you will need in order to communicate the design to everyone in the community, underpinning your capital campaign.

Shelterplanners Step 4


When you are ready to commit to the formal design and construction of your new shelter we offer the full range of architectural and engineering services necessary to bring your project to fruition; or, we can act as a consultant to an architect of your choice to assist in assuring your shelter functions and performs as it should.

Either way, our knowledge and expertise can be incorporated into your project. This maintains continuity and you can be certain that all of the little things that need to work in your state-of-the-art shelter will be included providing years of excellent service. For public agencies this step normally involves engaging in a “Public Procurement Process”. We can develop your “Request for Proposals” covering the scope of your project and services required for its design.

Shelterplanners Step 5


For those desiring single-source delivery of their project, from Feasibility Study to turn-key construction completion, we offer a complete Design-Build solution that makes the entire process as simple, predictable, and straight-forward as possible.

Public Agencies will require a bid process to independent contractors. has extensive experience developing the drawings and specifications required and can manage the process to assure solid, competitive bidding.